Jewelry Care

Let's talk all things jewelry care

Protect your fine jewelry, learn how to care for your jewelry to make sure they last for years!

1. Store jewelry in a clean, dry place. We've all done it, thrown our jewelry on our nightstand at the end of the day. But the best way to store our jewelry is in the a clean place, preferable a jewelry box with separate compartments. Keeping jewelry pieces separate from each other will prevent tangling and scratches, keeping them looking new longer.

2. Avoid damaging chemicals. Precious metals like gold can change color from constant contact with the ingredients found in hairprays, lotions and perfumes. Make it a habit to put your jewelry on last, after you're done getting ready.

3. Keep your jewelry clean. Gold and diamond jewelry can be cleaned at home with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to dry it with a soft microfiber cloth to avoid any scratching that can be caused by a paper towel.